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11th International Workshop on
Open Community approaches to Education, Research and Technology
*** towards "Open community approaches" CERTification processes ***
Monday, 6 November 2023
Co-located with SEFM 2023

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Keynote Speakers

Filippo Sciarrone

Universitas Mercatorum, Italy

Filippo Sciarrone

I have a dream: AI to help people with Dyslexia in Education


In the new global reality, distance learning has grown exponentially, and students with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), i.e., those with dyslexia, dysorthographia, or dyscalculia, struggle to learn. Because they have no direct contact with the teacher, they resort to using suitable tools and instruments, together with personalised learning plans. In addition, students with SLDs who take in-person courses must also follow an adapted didactic strategy.

This problem affects millions of people around the world, and Technology Enhanced Learning currently proposes instruments and tools to help learners during their learning process.

In this talk I will expose the state of the art on the AI-for dyslexic people in education, illustrating the limitations of the current literature, together with some proposals for the future.


Filippo Sciarrone is currently an associate professor at Universitas Mercatorum University (Italy), where he teaches several courses in computer science. His research interests mainly concern Technology Enhanced Learning, and in particular the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques and methods to the educational field. He has led several research laboratories of companies for the production of algorithms and innovative systems for human resource management and for teaching-oriented recommendation systems and currently he coordinates a research group on the use of generative AI to the construction of intelligent conversational agents for students with Specific Learning Disorders.


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